Monthly Report September

With the world slowly moving towards ‘normal’ schools and colleges reopening, September turned out to be an exceptionally busy month for us. Our Bansa community Library family has grown to 500 Registered Members of which 200 are library cardholders too now.

Monthly Report August

After thriving through a pandemic, we are elated to observe the unexpected progress we saw in the month of August. We met all our plans for the month and are seeing the visitors increase steadily with around 80-90 visitors every day.

Monthly Report July

Dear friends of Library,
We are glad to cover our first ever report for Bansa Community Library, for the month of July, 2021. After opening in December 2020, we had to shut the library back in April as per the Covid protocol.


II General Knowledge Quiz Competition

By Nikhita Borah

General Knowledge helps an individual learn and introspect themselves to the fullest which is way beyond the bookish understanding. It develops children’s social, sensitivity, reasoning, and analytical thinking skills. Putting light on these key elements, the Bansa Community Library has come up with the initiative of
organizing quiz competitions once every four months.