Who we are?

Bansa Community Library and Resource Centre is established under Bansa Educational Society to cultivate an interest in reading and provide quality books and reading materials to learners from Bansa and 36 surrounding villages. The library is situated near Ram Janki Mandir in Bansa village (District Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh). Since its opening in November 2020, the library has witnessed overwhelming support and participation from learners of all age groups. Apart from attracting readers, it has also become a space for e-learning where volunteers from across India have engaged educational sessions on a variety of subjects. Bansa Community Library imbibes a feeling of empowerment, strength and awareness among the children and the adults through the books that have always been everyone’s friends. The library has always offered a sense of belongingness and inclusivity to all irrespective of gender, class or community.

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Current activities

 1. Assistance with Competitive Examinations

 2. Basic Computer Training plus Typing Classes

 3. ‘Jagriti’ Sessions

The objective of Kalakriti Sessions is to develop creative thinking and fine art skills of the students. Through Interactive online sessions that start with basics of the chosen topic and progress with each session. Students are provided with practice exercises for home that are reviewed in the follow up class. Building creative skills from early age helps open creative locks of mind and widen problem solving skills that further helps in all areas of life.

“Kanoon ki Paathshala” initiative at the Bansa Community Library lays its foundation on the firm belief that the law can be made easy for all to understand and that law must be accessible to all and recourse to legal remedy must be accessible to all. Awareness of rights and legal awareness go a long way in ensuring that people lead their lives with dignity.

The BCL recognizes that access to good quality school education and higher education is a rarity in rural India, which further puts the rural population at a disadvantage in terms of legal literacy. Legal education plays an important role in our lives, regardless of a person’s profession.

We have commenced the ‘Adhigam Dialogue Series’ at Bansa Community Library. In this Series, we wish to host educators, scholars and anyone who shares a passion for education and allied areas, to share their thoughts, experiences, and ideas for accessible and equitable education. The purpose behind this Series is to sensitise the community regarding the importance and impact of education in our lives, and to collaborate with likeminded people and institutions for constructive action.